Support Resources

Academic Counselling Sessions

Our students’ success is our priority, and whether you are facing an academic challenge, need help improve your academic performance or discuss your future career aspirations, our Academic Team is here to support you. We have Course Advisors who are subject matter experts and ready to tackle any academic matter with you. You can speak with your advisor on campus, if they are based on your campus, or online via Zoom.

Click here to book a session.

If your concerns are related to general well-being, motivation, stress management or mental health, we offer Student Counselling Services through AccessEAP.


Grievance, Complaints and Appeals

ALG is committed to creating an equitable and fair teaching and learning environment where the views of all stakeholders are valued, listened to and acted upon as appropriate, for continuous development and improvement.

We acknowledge that from time to time students may be dissatisfied with conditions experienced in the teaching and learning environment and may need to access ALG’s complaints and appeals process. ALG recognises the complaints and appeals process as an important framework through which ALG can identify valuable feedback from stakeholders and resolve such matters as practicably and equitably as possible.

All students have access to a fair, inexpensive complaints and appeals process that includes access to an independent external body if necessary.

To submit a complaint or appeal via our Complaints and Appeals Request Form.

For more information please check our Complaints and Appeals Policy.

Non-Academic Student Support

Students can contact the senior student advisors located on each ALG campus by telephone, email or in person. Students facing any difficulties that may affect their learning can approach a senior student advisor or trainer for advice.

Such advice might include a deferment of study or a referral to further student support services or an external service provider. Senior student advisors offer support throughout a student’s studies and can help with:

  • support services
  • LLN services
  • legal services
  • emergency and health services
  • facilities and resources
  • complaints and appeals processes;
  • deferments

To get in touch with your student advisory team, feel free to use the Contact Form found at the bottom of this page, or visit our Campuses page for further contact details.

Student Counselling Service

Feeling down, stressed, frustrated? Support from our family, friends or a counsellor can get you started on the road to recovery. As part of our ongoing student support, the college offers counselling sessions for all students with our counsellor.

If you would like to make a booking, please visit our Student Counselling Service page.

More details can be found in the Student Support Guidelines section of the Student Handbook.

The ALG Counselling Service provides up to three free visits in any 12-month period with the purpose of students being referred onto relevant professional services for ongoing support. The counsellor is not a student advocate, and such is unable to manage student education or administrative processes or requests.

Click here for a list of emergency contacts.

Trainer Support

Wanting to ask your trainer a question about your assessment, your grades, your class or anything else related to your academic studies?

You can do this via your Student Learning Portal (Canvas).

Here’s how!

  1. Login to your Student Learning Portal (Canvas)
  2. On the left sidebar menu, click ‘Inbox’
  3. Compose a new message, select your course and enter your trainer name
  4. Ensure you include ‘Academic Enquiry’ in your subject line
  5. Once sent, this will go directly to your trainer
English Pathways Support

ALG offers prospective international students the options of study pathways in order to attain the required level of English proficiency.

You can also refer to our English Proficiency Requirements for more details on the required level of English proficiency required before starting your intended course.

Further details can also be found in the Student Support Guidelines section of the Student Handbook.

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Support

ALG offers LLN classes to help students with their literacy and communication skills. These classes run on a weekly basis for 1 hour from week two to nine of each term. These classes are separated into two areas: Reading/Writing and Communication Skills.

For more information about LLN refer to Pre-Enrolment Information, Certificates, Fees and Refunds and Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Requirements Factsheet.

To view available sessions and make a booking for an LLN Support Class simply view our LLN bookings page.

Reasonable Adjustment Support

ALG offers its students reasonable adjustment in assessment under the key assessment principle of “fairness”, defined in the Standards for RTOs (2015). 

This principle applies particularly to students with a disability. Adjustments are determined in collaboration with the student, their advocate and ALG’s academic staff. These measures are important because they ensure that students with disabilities have the same educational opportunities as everyone else. 

This can also extend to students who have suffered a severe injury that has affected their ability to study in some capacity.

Students can request reasonable adjustment by submitting a Reasonable Adjustment Request.

Further details can also be found in the Student Support Guidelines section of the Student Handbook. 

Service Standards

ALG seeks to ensure that all learners are supported throughout their journey and provided with prompt responses and resolutions to enquiries. To ensure accountability, ALG has published the service standards to inform learners and third-parties of expected timeframes for responses. 

Click here to read our Service Standards


International Student Information and Resources

Cost of Living

The Cost of Living Tool is designed to help you discover how much it would cost to have the lifestyle you choose in Australia.

You can compare accommodation arrangements, transportation options, entertainment activities and much more.

International Student Support Services Booklet

Throughout your studies we are here to support you. We make student support information available to student in variety of formats and locations, and are always here to offer personal support on each campus.

To explore an overview of the colleges international student support information, feel free to view our International Student Support Services Booklet.

Public Transport

Understanding your transport options is an important concept when arriving in a new place. Australia has a diverse, clean and reliable transport system available to the general public that can help you to and from your place of study.

Find out more about Australia’s public transport systems and options.

Student Accommodation options


Student One provides central city locations, cool facilities and flexible room options. From free unlimited WiFi internet and active social calendar to the 24/7 support of friendly multilingual staff, it’s the extra little things that set them apart for students from across the globe.

They connect students through positive experiences, by delivering a unique and student-centric living environment. So, whatever question you have about student living in Brisbane, the answer always adds up to One – Student One.


Austay provides sharing accommodation in Sydney, which includes houses and units. Sharing accommodation provides a great solution for students in terms of managing their daily costs of living. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to meet new people from different parts of the world, experience their culture and habits, make new friends and most importantly improve the English language skills.

StudentStay Australia provide temporary accommodation in Sydney for students & young professionals from Australia & overseas, who seek a place within the close vicinity of the city that is stylish, friendly and affordable. They have several share houses around Sydney city fringe, in peaceful and leafy suburbs yet close to transport and the vibrant inner city life.

Australia Wide

2Stay works with accommodation providers who have a wide portfolio of options to meet the different needs of the multicultural clients who arrive every day in Australia. Their clients can choose from homestays, student accommodation- shared accommodation, hostels, studios or apartments, each of them furnished and equipped with everything they need to start their adventure in Australia, insured and with constant customer service. In 2Stay you will find your home away from home.

What is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?

O​SHC is an insurance to assist international students meeting the costs of medical and hospital care that they may need while in Australia. OSHC will also pay limited benefits for pharmaceuticals and ambulance services. As an international student, you must show evidence that you have health insurance cover before a visa can be issued. OSHC is required for the total duration of your studies. For more information on the OSHC requirements for international students in Australia, please view the OSHC information found on the Private Health Government website.

These are the insurance companies in Australia that offer OSHC to international students:

All of the above are reputable insurance companies, and we recommend you to shop around to see the best price you can get for health cover. You are advised to visit the website https://oshcaustralia.com.au/en to compare price and choose from the available providers of OSHC. In the quick quote section, please enter the number of Adults and Children that require coverage and refer to your Letter of Offer document issued by the College for the policy start date (i.e. CoE Start Date) and policy end date (i.e. CoE End Date).

Tuition Fees
For further details about tuition fees, please refer to the information below:

Price List – Download

How to apply for your student visa

Feel free to explore information on how to apply for your student visa as outlined by the Department of Home Affairs.

Additionally, you may want to visit the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) government website for more information and assistance on immigration and migration.

Orientation Day Information

For further details about orientation, please refer to the  slides below:

Studying in Australia - Your Guide

Studying in Australia is an amazing experience, and one you will remember for the rest of your life! But at the same time it can be an anxious experience moving away from your home, friends and family.

Insider Guides provides you with extensive resources to prepare you for your move to Australia, as well as provide insight and guidance to your time studying here.

Learn more about Australian culture, employment, accommodation and much much more by viewing the Insider Guide to Studying in Australia

Work Placement Student Guide

To download your Work Placement Guide please click the link below:


For further details about timetable, please refer tlo the information below: