Student Ambassador Program

Our Australian Learning Group Student Ambassador Program provides current students with the opportunity to be the face of ALG. Our Student Ambassador is a champion for the ALG student community. Bringing your successful experience as an international student studying in Australia, you will participate and in some cases lead activities that help other students achieve the ALG promise of knowing ‘You’re in the right place’. You will also work closely with the ALG Marketing Team to develop content to promote to future students.

Applications Close Thursday, 22nd February 2023


  • 1-year role as an Australian Learning Group Student Ambassador
  • Provide prospective students insight into life at ALG and what they can expect once they become a student.
  • Provide a line of communication between our students and staff.
  • Participate in various student events and activities throughout the term, e.g. Orientation Day, National Awareness Days, Student Engagement Events, etc.
  • Manage and grow our Student Voice Facebook Group.
  • Participate in any promotional projects run by the Marketing Team.
  • Utilise your superior social media skills to engage the ALG student community across various social media platforms. Content will be aimed at engaging future and current students.
  • Promote ALG on your personal social media platform.



    Anyone who is a current student at Australian Learning Group can apply to become Student Ambassadors. The qualities and criteria we are looking for in a Student Ambassador are as below.

    You must:

    • Be a current student and have a 3+ terms remaining
    • Have an understanding of social media and be familiar with various platforms
    • Be confident to speak in front of an audience/large group of people.
    • Be comfortable in front of a camera.
    • Have strong communication skills.
    • Be proactive and engaging.
    • Have good time management.
    • Take initiative.
    • Be enthusiastic, approachable, and friendly.



    Complete the form below to submit your application for our ALG Student Ambassador Program. Once completed, your application will be reviewed by the relevant teams and an informal Zoom interview will be organised.

    Applications will close on Thursday, 22nd February 2023.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@alg.edu.au or speak to your campus Student Experience team.


      Being a student ambassador was a very rewarding experience. It gave me the opportunity to get in touch with other students and be that person they feel comfortable talking to, asking questions, and being able to advocate for them. Helping to improve the connection between students is something that I hope will continue to happen and hopefully, now that we are all face to face, it will be an amazing opportunity to make a very strong community within ALG. 

      This role gave me a lot of knowledge and helped me to develop more skills and improve my communication with others. I think for the next ambassador, it will be a very rewarding experience to be able to connect with the ALG community and have the opportunity to improve that communication between students regardless of which state they are in.

      I’m very grateful to be the first ambassador at ALG and I’m so sure the next ambassador will have an amazing experience and will learn a lot throughout this role.

      Andres Serna