Change of Payment Option

If you would like to request a payment option change, please kindly submit the form below.

Key Points

  • Students have the freedom to choose and switch between ‘Pay-by-Month’ and ‘Pay-By-Term’. 
  • Requests can be made at any time, however changes will only be applied to future terms and any enrolled courses.
  • If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact your Student Services team or view our Course Fees Price List.
  • Please refer to the Course Fee Price Table below for details of your tuition fee.


  • Pay-by-Month is an option available for both new and existing students.
  • Pay-by-Month allows a student to pay for a term of study over 3 monthly instalments.
  • Pay-by-Month will replace the previous part payment options provided to students.
  • Pay-by-Month can only be applied for your future tuition fees. It does not cover miscellaneous fees (i.e. Materials, Re-sits, etc.) or any overdue tuition fees.
  • Payment will be debited on the 3rd day of every month (Term 1 – Jan/Feb/Mar, Term 2 – Apr/May/Jun, Term 3 – Jul/Aug/Sep , Term 4 – Oct/Nov/Dec).
  • For extended information on the Pay-by-Month option and fees, please view the Student Handbook.


  • Pay-by-Term payment due date is always 3 weeks prior to Week 1 of the payable term on the Monday.