ALG Student Handbook

The following downloadable documents make up the latest version of the ALG Student Handbook.

A1 Introduction – A1 Download
A2 Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy – A2 Download
A3 Pre-Enrolment Information, Certificates, Fees, Refunds –  A3 Download
A4 Student Clinic, Work Placements & Record Checks –  A4 Download
A5 Assessment Submission and Academic Integrity Guidelines –  A5 Download
A6 Student Facilities –  A6 Download
A7 Complaints and Appeals Policy –  A7 Download
A8 Student Course Progress and Attendance Policy and Procedure –  A8 Download
A9 Course Credit –  A9 Download
A10 Deferment, suspension or cancellation of study during enrolment – A10 Download
A11 Transfer between registered providers – A11 Download
A12 ALG Work Health & Safety and Critical Incident Policy – A12 Download
A13 AQF Qualification Issuance Policy – A13 Download
A14 Student Support Guidelines – A14 Download
A15 Reasonable Adjustment Policy – A15 Download
A16 Marketing information and practices – A16 Download
A17 Recruitment of an overseas student – A17 Download
A18 Written Agreements –  A18 Download
A19 Education agents –  A19 Download
A20 Student Guideline on Preventing Plagiarism –  A20 Download
A21 Harvard Referencing Guide –  A21 Download


0. Appendix ALG Additional Fees Table – Download
1. Appendix Medical Certificate Policy – Download
2. Health Fund Information Sheet – Download
3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy – Download
4. International Student Support Services Booklet – Download
5. English Proficiency Requirements Factsheet – Download
6. RPL and Credit Transfer – Download
7. Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Requirements Factsheet – Download
8. Brisbane Campus Orientation (T4 2020) – Download
9. Melbourne Campus Orientation (T4 2020) – Download
10. Perth Campus Orientation (T4 2020) – Download
11. Sydney Campus Orientation (T4 2020) – Download