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Level 4
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601 Bourke Street
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Building 5B, Level 3
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Maintaining the health and safety of our students, staff and clients remains one of ALG’s top priorities. To ensure your experience at our Student Massage Clinic are COVID safe, we are implementing the following additional measures.

Minimizing number of sessions
We have made the decision to remove the 10:15am session and the 3:00pm session of our student clinic, this will give our student therapists more time in between clients to thoroughly wipe down massage tables, replace all towels and table covers, and wash and sanitise their hands prior to treating their next client. Hygiene and cleanliness has always been a priority at our student massage clinic and we will continue to implement these procedures.

Social Distancing
Please ensure you continue to adhere to social distancing restrictions, where possible, during your time at our student massage clinic. Our waiting area will be set up appropriately to suit these measures. When waiting to speak to the front desk or while completing a form we ask that you remain at a 1.5m distance from other clients. Rooms will be set up appropriately to adhere to these measures. We also ask that you sanitise your hands as soon as you arrive.

Additional COVID Screening Form
Clients must complete a compulsory Covid Screening Form upon arrival. Please allow time to complete this form. We recommend arriving at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your session, this will give you time to sanitise your hands, sign in at the front desk and complete this form.

Please do not attend the Student Clinic if you are feeling unwell. We encourage clients to cancel their booking if they wake up with symptoms the morning of their booking or if they have been sick prior to the day. Visitors may be subject to a temperature check. Our Clinic Supervisors reserve the right to refuse treatment to clients who arrive with obvious symptoms and/or a high temperature and will be asked to immediately leave the campus and return home with a face mask.

About Us

We have been providing quality massage training for over 15 years. The student clinic is a platform where our student massage therapists perform their supervised clinical training as part of the requirement in their professional qualification.

Over the years, our student clinic has helped soothe the aches and pains of many clients. As part of the clinical training, our student massage therapist will aim to understand the issues that you may have and provide you with the most suitable treatments based on their skill set.

Our student clinic is available in our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney campuses.

First Time Visitor?

  • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your treatment
  • Check in with reception so they know you have arrived
  • Your assigned student therapist will meet you in reception and take you through to the massage area
  • Your student therapist will take a case history and discuss the treatment plan with you and then commence the massage
  • Remember to take all your belongings with you after our treatment

Terms & Conditions

  • Massages are conducted by ALG students and the massages provided are dependent on the skill level of Student Massage Therapists.
  • All massages will take place in an open classroom environment with up to 25 Student Massage Therapists massaging their clients in one room with females and males sharing the same classroom.
  • Clients are not able to request for specific a Student Massage Therapist or between a female or male Student Massage Therapist.
  • The stipulated massage booking is inclusive of the time required to take client case history, client changing for the massage and having the massage itself.
  • Linen and mineral oil will be provided during the massage. Clients are advised to refrain from bringing their own oil in the interest of others and avoiding any potential allergies.
  • Tiger balm and essential oils may be present in the Student Massage Clinic. Clients with any allergies are advised to inform the assigned Student Massage Therapist.
  • Clients having any of the listed conditions, may not be able to receive a massage at ALG Student Massage Clinic: Colds & Flu, Fever, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, Pregnancy, Deep Vein Thrombosis / Embolism or after recent surgery. Written medical clearance may be required for various medical conditions prior to receiving a massage. This is not a complete list. For clients with a medical condition and are unsure about receiving a massage, ALG recommends the client to check with a medical doctor, prior to booking.
  • Student Massage Clinic is restricted to clients who are 16 years old and above. Clients between 16 to 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the Student Massage Clinic and the parent/guardian must be present to give consent for the client case history taking and discussion for a suitable type of massage.
  • On very rare occasion and subject to Student Massage Therapists’ attendance, ALG reserves the right to cancel client bookings or offer other type of available massages.
  • Clients are encouraged to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to their scheduled massage booking. Arriving early will give client time for a toilet break and to relax before the massage. Unfortunately, if the client arrives late, the massage duration will be shortened to avoid any delay in providing massage to the next client.
  • Student Massage Therapist will greet their allocated client at the reception area. Clients are advised to refrain from entering the classroom prior to the appointment time as other clients may be in the midst of having a massage.
  • All clients are responsible for their personal belongings at all times whilst on ALG premises. ALG is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings under any circumstances.
  • Student Massage Therapists are required to collect and record client’s personal and health information prior to the massage. This will take approximately 5 minutes out of the 1 hour session booked. The information collected will allow Student Massage Therapists to determine the suitable massage and to check for any reasons why they should not be massaging their allocated client.
  • Private consultation areas are available upon request.
  • Student Massage Clinic is conducted in an environment that is safe for Student Massage Therapists, Clinic Supervisors and clients alike. ALG reserves the right to terminate any massage when the client engages in any form of harassment or inappropriate behaviour, whether it be physical, sexual or verbal in nature. If the massage is terminated due to a client’s inappropriate behaviour, the client is still responsible for the full payment and will not be eligible for a refund. ALG also reserves the right to deny future massages to clients who engage in inappropriate behaviour.
  • Clients are able to book for specific types of massages such as relaxation, remedial or specialised. The type of available specialised massages will rotate and dependent on the current subjects undertaking by the Student Massage Therapists.
  • Each booking session is 1 hour. Clients are not permitted to book 2 x 1 hour sessions on the same day.