Student Counselling Clinic

“It is important to know that you are not alone, and we are here to offer you a space to be heard and supported at our Supervised Student Counselling Clinic”

About the Clinic

Our Diploma of Counselling students are operating a free counselling clinic open to the public.

The free clinics are open to everyone. This session offers a great opportunity for confidential, emotional and developmental support for all people.

It is also great support for our student counsellors who are developing their practical skills for their course.

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Clinic Details




SYD – Level 1, 333 Kent Street, Sydney 2000


Sessions run for 50 minutes


Wednesdays and Thursdays during weeks 3-10 during term


Q: How long are the sessions and how many times will I see my student counsellor?

A: Each session is 50 minutes long and if assessed as suitable you will be seen for between one to three sessions by a student counsellor. All efforts will be made for participants to have the same counsellor for all sessions they are involved in but in unforeseen circumstances there could be a change in counsellor. If this occurs you will be contacted by the clinic supervisor via telephone and asked if you still wish to continue.

Q: Can I withdraw if I do not want to continue?

A: Participants can withdraw at any time during the program.

Q: How will I know if I am suitable for the counselling clinic?

A: The counselling industry requires counsellors not to work outside of their area of expertise. As the counselling clinic is being run by student counsellors, any enquiries which require more complex support will be screened by the clinic supervisor.

Q: How will I be contacted?

The clinic supervisor will contact potential participants via telephone. This call will take approximately 15 minutes. During this call the supervisor will ask a series of questions to assess suitability. If suitable you will be asked if you would like to make an appointment.

Q: When will the sessions take place?

A: Student clinic will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays during weeks 3-10 during term.

Q: Will it be possible for me to continue seeing a counsellor after my initial one to three sessions?

A: No, it won’t, but you will be offered an appropriate referral for further support if required.

Q: How confidential will my counselling sessions be?

A: The same standards of confidentiality will be observed in your sessions as apply in any other professional counselling context, with the exception that your session/s will  be monitored by the ALG clinic clinical supervisor to ensure client safety. The supervisor will only interrupt a session if the client’s safety is compromised.

Q: Will I be charged for the sessions?

A: No, your sessions are free of charge.

Q: What if I am not coping now?

A: This service is not an emergency crisis support service.

Crisis support can be accessed 24/7 through Lifeline on 14 11 13 or if in immediate danger please ring 000.