ALG Work Placement

Memorandum of Understanding


Australian Learning Group (ALG) is a Registered Training Organisation that delivers nationally recognised qualifications in vocational education, training a number of qualifications from the Community Service Training Package.

The essential role of work in the learning experiences of students is widely acknowledged as it enables contact with real workplace situations and experiences and as such is invaluable in strengthening and supporting the formal academic aspects of a course.

To enable these experiences, ALG delivers its courses with a compulsory workplace component so students can complete a range of learning and work experience activities.

Purpose of this MOU

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to acknowledge the relationship between Australian Learning Group and the workplace provider partner.

It should serve the mutual benefit of both parties by providing an agreed understanding of the relationship between the parties and the responsibilities of each party.


    • Complete this online form
    • A copy of the completed MOU will be sent to your nominated email address below.
    • ALG will then confirm the details of each work placement on a student-by-student basis.