Meet Our Sales Team

“Having over a decade experience in the education industry and leading top performing teams at ELICOS, VET and Higher Education providers Australia-wide, I am dedicated to bring my expertise in management, sales & marketing and customer service to the Australian Learning Group. I am inspired to contribute to the physical & mental health as well as the overall well-being of international students by offering quality courses with strong focus on practical experience.”

Krisztina Koos

Director of Sales

“Having lived and worked in many different countries, I believe that high-quality education is fundamental for having opportunities worldwide. For that reason, I am enthusiastic to join a team that is passionate about the courses provided by ALG. Helping students to develop exceptional skills in the areas of physical and mental health is motivating and gratifying. I am delighted to develop a close relationship with our agents and provide reliable support for our students.”

Andre Costa

Sales Manager | Melbourne Campus

From teaching English as a second language overseas to my current role as Regional Sales Manager, Asia at the Australian Learning Group, I have been encouraging students all across Asia to follow their passion and to achieve their career goals for almost a decade. I am dedicated to providing exceptional support to our valued education agents, English partners and international students. I am proud to be part of a company which strives for quality education, ongoing improvement and great customer service.

Ben Yung

Regional Sales Manager | Asia