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Writing A Resume

Resume writing is a skill that often needs constant tweaking and mastering.

Especially being new to the industry, you can greatly improve your chances of obtaining an interview if you have a strong, professionally produced resume to show your skills and experience!

The following resources will help you generate ideas and inspiration to create and constantly develop your resume:

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Interview Preparation and Tips​

For some, the interview stage can be quite a daunting process. Be sure you are prepared and ready to impress and wow your future employer.
Below are some awesome resources to help you prepare for the big day, with advice from industry experts and business owners

11 things you should do in the 15 minutes before a job interviewA look into the 11 things experts suggest to help prepare

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Job Boards

A great place to find jobs in your sector are via online job boards and employment sites.

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Sport, Fitness and Massage

Mental Health, Community Services and Aged Care


Head Trainer Advice​

Exclusive expert advice from our head trainers on how best to get a job in your sector.

All the tips and tricks you need for an industry insight, on how get a head start in your career and develop your professional skills.

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When seeking employment as an educator in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector there are a number of strategies that I recommend to students.

The first and most valuable strategy is – impress your  Work Placement Centre.  The management and educators will have a whole term to observe your practice and will be considering whether they should offer you casual or permanent employment.   Think of Work Placement as an extended interview.  Take this opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to learn, take instruction and show them that you are dynamic, resourceful and professional.

Working for an agency is also a useful way to gain experience and observe different practice. There are a number of agencies in Sydney that provide casual work and they offer a quick start to working.  Often,  ECEC centres will offer permanent roles to casual agency staff when they have been impressed by their work.  Agencies in Sydney include: Macarthar, Ranstad, Expect a Star and Hays.

Final strategies when looking for an educator role, search on employment websites like Indeed or Seek, go directly to the website of  the organisation that you would like to work for and search their careers/jobs page or, be even more  pro-active in your job search and contact ECEC centres directly to ask if can  you drop in your resume.

4Life Early Childhood and Education Care Head Trainer


Firstly, it is important for you to register your profile with employment agencies such as Jora Australia, SEEK, Indeed and others. After creating your profile, subscribe to the alert where an email notification will be sent to you, as soon as a vacancy is available.

If you choose to work in a spa environment, Endota Spa is the largest day spa in Australia and they have 100 locations all around Australia currently. If you would like to travel around the world while working, you could consider working on a cruise ship. The contract for working on a cruise ship is 9 months at a time and be prepared to have to pay for more training before you get the job. If you prefer operating as a mobile massage therapist, 3 Minute Angels is a good agency to start.

You could do a letter drop introducing yourself to a Wellness/Medical Center, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or other allied health professional that you would like to work with. In the letter, you could include complimentary massage sessions vouchers for the practitioner, their family and friends. Please follow up with a face to face introduction with a massage treatment to demonstrate your massage skills.

When you successfully win an interview, it usually has two stages to it. Stage one is a face to face, first interview, where you may be asked the common questions in an regular interview, anatomy and physiology as well as given case scenarios. Please also make sure you are up to date with the massage code of ethics and code of practice and you can find them on the massage association website.

At the end of your stage one interview, please make sure you ask about the details of massage demonstration in stage two of the interview (e.g. type of massage and skills they would like you to demonstrate) so that you have time to practise and prepare. Stage two of the interview usually last for one hour.

Lastly, it is beneficial for you to have selling skills as you may need to sell products and also have some basic beauty skills like performing facials. These two skills will definitely make you more employable.

ACSF Massage Head Trainer

A Career in Training and Assessment

Considering what might be a prerequisite for a role before even finding the right role will put you one step ahead of other candidates.

A link to further information can be found here.

Training and Assessment

Many of you will be great candidates for Training and Assessment roles once you gain just 5 years experience in industry after you graduate. For this you would need to relevant qualification plus the Certificate.

Right to Work

Consider your working rights (tied to visa type) before applying for roles as this will impact the roles you can apply for and save you time applying for the wrong roles.

Positive Behaviours

May employers have moved form the tradition skill based interview to a behavioural approach. More than ever companies are looking for candidates who align with their company culture and values, but above all, have strong behaviours.

Practical Experience

This is why we focus on ensuring you get the most hands – on experience possible however entry level jobs in the industry will also help, ie getting an admin role in a gym whilst studying.


The qualification you gain here at ALG is the key to unlock your dream job in your industry.