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Farewell Valerie and a BIG warm welcome to Skyye 👋

A massive thank you to our beautiful campus manager, Valerie, for the last three and a half years of dedication, hard work and fabulous memories! Valerie will be dearly missed as she enters one of the most wonderful stages in life: motherhood!

Skyye will take over Valerie’s role as Campus Manager in Brisbane, feel free to drop by and say hi if you’re on campus.



We hope you are settling in to your first couple of weeks of online studies and trying to make the most of the warmer weather!

Following Public Health advise, and in line with the latest restrictions, we are hoping that the Student Services Team will return to Campus from Week 4 with a COVID-Safe plan in place. We will share more details and information with you all soon!

Please be assured that ALG’s student operations remain fully operational via both email and phone, and we are here to support you as best we can!


Celebrate Spring with wildflowers and fresh fruit! 🌻

With the warm weather approaching as Spring settles in, it’s the best time to get down to our national parks and see our Aussie Wildlife in person. Travel down to Caversham Wildlife Park to meet koalas, kangaroos, wombats and many more furry little guys (and now that school holidays are over, it’ the perfect time to head down) and meet a little more of Australia!
Start Fresh Northbridge Markets are running every Wednesday from October 7th to November 25th so pop down to the Perth Cultural Centre and enjoy a wide range of fresh fruit and other goodies to take home with some local entertainment and food trucks on site!



If you’re a Disney lover head down to Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta in October to see some of your favourite Disney classics and throwbacks on the big screen.

Open Air Cinema is hosting a Disney+ Drive-In with your favourite films airing each night from October 22nd until November 15th. Click here for more information.



Start of Term Study Tips

Start Early! Sounds cliché, but the earlier you sort out your weekly schedule and study plan, the better. Set up a time to review your course content from Week 1 so you never lose track of what you’ve learnt so far!

Learn the mechanics of your Student Portal! The start of term is the best time to learn the basics of the websites you’ll be using throughout your time at ALG. Explore the functions of Canvas to find out where all of your course materials are and where to submit your assessments, so when deadlines approach, you know exactly where to go! If you’re stuck, try our FAQ page here.

Make a to-do list! Write down list of all your due dates and set reminders on your phone so you’ll always be on top of schoolwork. Try getting a physical calendar and handwriting all of your assessment due dates and other important dates so you’ll never miss a thing.

Create a Study Place! Have a chosen spot that is tidy, comfortable, and has everything you need to get your work done. Having an organised space can help keep your head clear and motivate you to get things done.

Reward Yourself! Studying and revising takes a lot of brainpower and energy, so give yourself time to really soak in information by giving yourself 15-minute breaks for every 30 minutes of study. Go get yourself a snack or a tea/coffee and have a bit of a mind refresher. Remember to drink lots of water!


Important Updates to ALG’s Policies and Procedures

1 | Deferrals and Suspensions

ALG has updated the Deferment, suspension or cancellation of study during enrolment policy and clarified the meaning of deferment and suspension as follows:

  • Deferring studies means that students are requesting to postpone the commencement of a course.
  • Suspension of studies refers to students placing the course on hold temporarily after the commencement of a course. (Only for students currently studying a course)

2 | Assessment Submission

ALG has updated the Assessment Submission and Academic Integrity Guidelines to clarify the number of assessment resubmission attempts and deadlines for marking expectations. Students have 3 (three) attempts for assessments due before Week 10, and 2 (two) attempts for assessments due in Week 10 to successfully complete an assessment task of a subject/UoC.

3 | Student Course Progress and Attendance Policy and Procedure

ALG has updated its Student Course progress and Attendance Policy and Procedure. ALG will identify international students considered to be at risk of not completing their course within the expected duration of the study in weeks 4 and 8. The warning letter lists available intervention strategies, which includes (i) attendance at mandatory Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) classes, (ii) encouragement to consider counselling services provided by ALG, (iii) the requirements to book a meeting with a member of the academic team.

We have also changed the notification students receive at the end of term when they fail a unit. The notification titles ‘Final Outcome Letter (FOL)’ will be changed to ‘Unsatisfactory Course Progress Warning Letter’. This new letter will provide students with 2 options:

a) After exhausting the attempted offered in the Assessment Submission and Academic Integrity Guidelines policy, students have the option of a paid final resubmission opportunity of the failed assessment tasks (please refer to ALG Additional Fees Table).

  • a Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) outcome after this final paid resubmission attempt will result in repeating and paying for the subject again.


b) to repeat the subject they have failed.


On Friday the 2nd of October, we welcomed all of our awesome new students at our Orientation Day. Students had the chance to meet their fellow classmates, as well as the ALG team, and ask all the questions they had prior to their first day of class. A huge welcome to the latest members of the ALG family! Check out some photos from the day below…




“I am studying Early Childhood Education and have just started casual work in the industry. I love that I am able to live the experience through what I have been taught.

The advice that I would give to current and future ALG International Students is: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Making sure you attend class makes it less stressful and you make the most of getting to know everyone, as they are all there to help and support one another.”

– Deborah O’Sullivan



4th January 2021 (Term 1 2021)

3rd November 2020 (Term 4 2020)

To see a breakdown of all payment due dates and other important dates please click the link below.


Step 1: Visit the Student Portal at alg.edu.au/studentportal using your computer or mobile internet browser (e.g Safari, Chrome)

Step 2: Go to the payments tab and choose the current invoice

Step 3: Select either the Miscellaneous Fees OR Tuition Fee tab to see your due fees

Step 4: Click the $ sign on the right of the invoice to proceed to the payment page

For other ways to make payment please contact your campus Student Services Team.




ALG expects all students to maintain 100% attendance and acknowledge that their absence from class or lessons should only occur in cases of illness or other exceptional personal circumstances. Late arrivals and early departures are disruptive and affect the learning environment for all students. For this reason, ALG enforces the following rules regarding attendance:

CLASS ARRIVAL All student must take notice of class start times and be punctual.

LATE CLASS ARRIVAL If students arrive more than 15 minutes late, the time of arrival will be recorded.

EARLY DEPARTURE – If students leave before a trainer officially dismisses the class, the time of departure will be recorded.

Some modules have special conditions for classroom attendance. For the First Aid and Massage Student Clinic, 100 per cent attendance is required. If a student arrives late, returns from a break late or leaves early, no matter how many minutes late or early, he or she will be recorded as absent for that lesson or clinic.


During your practical classes at the gym/yoga studio/dance studio, it is necessary to abide by generally acceptable etiquette. The etiquette is based on courtesy and safety which means keeping you and other members safe, creating a friendly and respectful atmosphere and helping you to get the most out of your practical classes. We would appreciate if you take the time to read through the following etiquette:

1. Always bring your photo ID/student ID, water bottle and a towel while attending practical classes You might be not allowed to enter the gym/studio without the photo ID/student ID nor a towel.

2. Do not attend the practical classes if you are feeling unwell.

3. Practice social distancing at all times.

4. Bring your yoga mat, block and strap to each Yoga practical class.

5. Use your towel to wipe down equipment once you have finished with it. It is neither courteous nor sanitary to leave sweat on machines or benches.

6. Only water is allowed on the gym floor – no food or drinks.

7. Ask your Trainer and Assessor if you are not sure how to use a particular piece of equipment in the gym/studio.  

8. Leave your mobile phone in your bag and lock your bag away in the secure room/locker. It is inappropriate to use electronic devices during class time for anything other than educational purposes, including, but not limited to, accessing social media, entertainment, and making or receiving of phone calls and texts.  

9. Wear appropriate gym/yoga/dance attire. If you are unsure of what is appropriate, it is best to talk to your Trainer and Assessor.  

10. Remember to conduct yourself appropriately (i.e. no swearing, no sleeping on the gym/studio floor, etc).