Brand and Website Refresh!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been working on a updating our website to improve customer experience. This update goes hand-in-hand with our branding refresh, which aims to connect our 3 brands: EDU, Ikon, and ALG.

The look and feel of ALG will change slightly to align more with our Ikon and EDU branding. Our colours and logo will slightly change and we will be using a brand new font – Gilroy. You can download a full list of Gilroy fonts on this page.

A full update of material is not necessary at this time, however, please make note of our branding refresh and actively update documents and presentations as you edit them. This page will remain live will access to logos, templates, fonts and our new style guide.

We look forward to sharing this new site with you all and extend a big thank you to the stakeholders who have contributed to our content updates.


What’s next…

The Marketing Team is currently reviewing all written website copy and will send it through to the agency for final review by the end of this week (26 April). 

Who We Are

Our Brand Mission

To equip our students with quality education and industry skills, supported by encouraging communities that champion their path to personal and professional success.

Our Brand Vision

Championing our students in their path to meaningful careers. Continue to improve and evolve on our journey to becoming the first choice vocational provider in Australia

Our Value Proposition

ALG is a welcoming community focused on transformative learning and seamless intgration with the industry, giving our students the best advantage for their futures. 


In the process of creating documents, you will find this style guide very handy. This tells you exactly how to style your headings, subheadings and general content with font sizes and styles, as well as our colours, logos and other style tips.



Please ensure you are using our Word and Powerpoint templates, with our colours/themes/fonts all pre-loaded onto them so that it’s super easy to make sure your material is on-brand.

Psst… make sure you have downloaded and installed the “Rubik” font 😉

Powerpoint Template

Click here to download


Click any of the logos below to open the file in a new window, then right-click and “Save image as…” to download a version for your use.


Alternative Options

Installing Our Font


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy cow.

Rubik Light
Rubik Regular

Rubik Bold

Rubik Heavy

How To Install

If you would like to install our new typeface Rubik to use it in your  day-to-day tasks, documents and designs, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Rubik?query=rubik and click “Download Family” in the top right.
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Open the unzipped “Rubik” folder and then the “static” folder.
  4. Then search “Font settings” in the Windows Taskbar then click it
  5. Then drag all the TTF “Rubik” font files into the “Drag and Drop” section


Hover over any of the colours to see specific colour codes that you can use in your work day-to-day.










Nurturing and Empowering People On Their Path To More Meaningful Careers


You’re in the right place

It’s a big decision to educate yourself; to create or change a career. Most of our students and staff are on a journey, both physical and emotional. We want them to feel at home and that they are in the right place to learn, evolve, transform, be better and be looked after. We are a family, and all our staff, educators and students are in the right place.



We are a dynamic business, built around a highly adaptable team, with a focus on finding the best way to get things done. We encourage our students, trainers and staff to challenge the status quo. We believe in leaning in, digging deep and being resourceful to make sure we finish what we start.


We treat our community like family, whether you are a student, trainer or staff member. We know everyone has a story to tell and we pride ourselves in first collecting the dots before we connect the dots. We embrace diversity and actively seek to ensure everyone feels comfortable to contribute and feels valued in doing so.



Be prepared, do it right and don’t do it twice. We need to abide by the laws and regulations of our industry, so we focus on having a high attention to detail. We prioritise good communication and look to be clear and fair in everything that we do. We are knowledgeable, hard working and we believe in being the best at what we do. We deliver great education experiences that drive real outcomes, and our work will speak for itself; we don’t need to boast.


We keep an entrepreneurial spirit and strive to think about the big picture at all times. We come with solutions, not more questions, and a drive to make those solutions a reality. We aim high, and think critically and creatively to drive the business forward.


We’ve identified 6 key traits for our brand personality, that we need to carry across and embody in our day-to-day interactions with our students, teammates, agents, and teachers.


We are trusted, considered and reliable. We do what we say we are going to do and we hold ourselves accountable to being the best at what we do and being our best – always.



Curiosity is a powerful mindset. We are curious about life, learning, people and the world. We constantly seek to evolve, learn, grow, develop and innovate in order to stay current and relevant.


We are dynamic and brave in our approach to education. We lean in when things get hard. We believe in doing what is right, rather than what is easy. We are willing to stand up for our beliefs, our people, and our students.


We are good at what we do and pride ourselves on being professional. We humbly use the word expert and we continue to learn to ensure we are the most knowledgeable.


We are approachable, fair and kind. We believe in supporting our students and each other; this looks like being flexible, empathetic and authentic in how we treat each other.



We believe in being strategic in our ambition to succeed. We put hard work at the centre of our drive for improvement. We are energetic and resilient.