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We are excited to launch our first Australian Learning Group Student Voice – Group on Facebook. This Facebook group is for our ALG students to join and will be managed by our Campus Student Voice Representatives.

It is an open and a safe ‘private group’ where you can ask each other questions, share ideas, exchange study tips or simply encourage each other along to successfully complete their respective courses. This group is a great way to share community news and events across all campus locations.

Please keep in mind that this platform is not to be used for complaints or negative feedback. If you do wish to share your feedback please contact your respective Student Experience Team.

To join this group please click the link below, request to join and complete the membership questions.


#ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength”
G.D. Anderson

 International Womens Day 2021 campaign theme: #ChooseToChallenge

In Week 7, ALG will be hosting International Womens Day celebrations on campus! This event will run over two days: Tuesday 9th March & Wednesday 10th March. Keep an eye out at your Campus for information on your International Womens Day Celebrations!

The purpose of this event is to come together and acknowledge the importance of international womens day, empower ourselves and each other and celebrate all women, in all their diversities.

During this event we ‘choose to challenge’ our students to post a photo on their Instagram story of a woman in their life who has or will continue to inspire them. Just tag @australianlearninggroup and #IWD2021 & #ChooseToChallenge.





Join us in Sydney for over 60 cinema screenings. Or enjoy the festival at home because, for the very first time, Mardi Gras Film Festival is going online and on-demand across Australia.

Whether you’re stepping out or settling in, MGFF21 is here for you with the best LGBTIQ+ cinema from around the world.


“No Show” is the name of the next amazing exhibition you can experience at Carriageworks!

Carriageworks is back to doing what it does best – pulling together strange and wonderful art and making it free to explore. From February 12, Carriageworks Public Space and Bay 19 will be filled with a constantly evolving display of art installations, screenings, performances and writer residencies. No Show is a three-week presentation of work from 11 artist-led initiatives from across NSW, featuring the work of more than 50 largely early-career Australian artists and writers.


On February 17th 2021 ALG was invited to participate in the Go Study seminar which was held at the amazing Student One building.

Stunning views, great energy and amazing people! It was an awesome experience and opportunity for schools and students to meet and explore the variety of options offered in Brisbane. We had many participants approach the ALG stand with great interest in our unique courses. We look forward to having you as our students!


Watch the 9 NBL teams in this month-long basketball game and have your chance to enjoy one of Australia’s most popular sport experiences.

When: 23 February – 6 March 2021
Where: John Cain Arena, Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne 3001

Moomba Festival
An annual free festival with a series of events and attractions across the city such as carnival rides, street art, music performances and many more.

When: 5 – 8 March 2021
Where: across Melbourne City

Melbourne Street Eatz
Food trucks, live music, and events – what a great way to spend the last bits of summer with your friends and family!

oWhen: 11 February – 5 April. Every Wednesday – Friday (4PM to 11PM) and Saturday – Sunday (12PM to 11PM)
Where: 1 Convention Center Pl, South Wharf 3006


The Easiest Way to Ease Underlying Stress and Anxiety 🍃

As busy students, working when you’re not studying and overall, not having a lot of self-time, there can be so many thing’s keeping your mind way too active. We often don’t have the time to actually put aside time specifically for mindfulness, or stress relief or down time, as much as we hate to admit even when it’s something everyone needs.

One of the simplest and non-disruptive ways to ease some of that underlying stress and worry and improve your quality of sleep while you’re at it, is with ambient background noise.

While you’re cooking, while you’re doing homework, or while you’re trying to get to sleep, if you play some ambient sounds of nature, it unconsciously reconnects you to nature and grounds you, easing some of that built up stress in the back of your mind without you needing to purposefully think it over.

You’ll start to feel better over time, even if you don’t proactively feel better in the moment (although it’s really nice to meditate to if you have the time!) this background reconnection to nature will help to put some of those underlying worries to rest and help things to feel a bit clearer and settled.

If you have the time, go for a walk around the neighbourhood and away from the computer or tv screen to reconnect with nature and disconnect yourself from the worries of assessments and due dates.

The Australian Government has a number of free resources when it comes to Mental Health and mental health awareness. “Head to Health” has a wide range of free digital mental health resources, for anything from COVID-19 support to sleeping issues to anxiety and other similar issues we all face in our daily lives.

Visit Head to Health if you ever feel like you need a little help and aren’t sure where to look.

Please also remember that we offer a Student Counselling Service on Mondays and Thursdays with our Student Counsellor. Click here for more information. 

Stay safe, stay mindful, and remember to take care of yourself. Your mind and body are your top priority.

If you need any kind of support along the way, please send an email to your respective campus experience teams, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.



It’s Week 6, Time to Buckle Down!

We’re in the second half of the term and assessment due dates are coming up soon!

Please check your assessment due dates in your Canvas Learning Portal to ensure that you are fully prepared and have plenty of time to complete what is needed.

A reminder that the new coversheet for all Fitness digital assessments are now a part of your assessment when downloaded in Canvas. You do not need to include an additional coversheet for your assessments as it is now the first page when you download them in Canvas.

Early Childhood Education and Care 
If you are currently on Work Placement and have any questions regarding your logbook, please contact your assigned assessor as they will be able to answer any questions you may have, with the most accurate information. You can contact them directly through your Canvas inbox, or if you are unsure, you can contact your respective campus Student Experience Team who will be able to point you in the right direction.

Quick Study Tips 
Study in groups!
Getting a group of fellow classmates together to go over your notes and discuss class material is a good way to see different perspectives on the same material. You then have the opportunity to understand the same content in different ways. Plus, this doesn’t have to be a physical meet up, set up a time to group call on your favourite online chat platform and study with your friends from your own home. Group study can be easy, fun and productive too, so use what you have!

Use Flow Charts and Diagrams!
Having something more visual to look at while revising for exams can keep your attention for longer. Piece together all the information you’ve learnt so far and connect them with lines and arrows so your brain can make the connections faster and easier. Keep your notes looking colourful and interesting will make studying that little bit easier and keep yourself focused on the task at hand.

As much as it’s important to get all of your studying done before exams start, you need to keep caring for your body physically as well as mentally. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water, and having plenty of rest in between study sessions, classes and work. When you sit down and rest, your mind can better digest all of the information you’ve learnt that day/that week/that term without overloading yourself.



Gus is one of our sport and recreation management trainers in Brisbane and has shared his advice for all current and future ALG International Students

“Enjoy your time while studying. I know it can be hard attending classes, doing assignments and working to earn a living but this will give you such a great experience. Every moment in life is precious so love what you do and challenge yourself! “

– Gus McLeary



Pay-By-Term Term 2 2021
29th March 2021

Pay-By-Month Term 1 2021
3rd February 2021
3rd March 2021

To see a breakdown of all payment due dates and other important dates please click the link below.


Step 1: Visit the Student Portal at alg.edu.au/studentportal using your computer or mobile internet browser (e.g Safari, Chrome)

Step 2: Go to the payments tab and choose the current invoice

Step 3: Select either the Miscellaneous Fees OR Tuition Fee tab to see your due fees

Step 4: Click the $ sign on the right of the invoice to proceed to the payment page

For other ways to make payment please contact your campus Student Services Team.