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Thank you to all who voted for a fantastic newsletter name! Keep your eyes peeled for all our updates on this newsletter. You will also be able to access previous newsletters in the archive section below.

A LITTLE REMINDER; Make Time For Yourself! ✨

Studying and working can get overwhelming fast, remember to eat regularly, drink lots of water and keep a regular sleep pattern.

Take breaks and let yourself do something fun! You’re human and need rest, but also let yourself get out there and be creative! Don’t feel like you have to work and study all day every day, let yourself relax and just be you. Catch up with friends or family with a phone call and schedule in some de-stress time.

Remember to do little self check-ins every so often, even when not studying. Does your back hurt? Have you eaten? Are you sad or stressed? Don’t put anything before your physical and mental health, you are your top priority! Let yourself breathe, and take utmost care.

Stay as healthy as you can and if you ever need someone to talk to, someone who’s not a friend or one of your Student Services members, we have a free counselling service, click here to find out more.



Australian Learning Group is super excited to announce ALG Heritage Day!

ALG Heritage Day will be celebrated annually in line with International Students’ Day on 17th November. International Students’ Day is marked by a number of other universities and colleges as a celebration of the multiculturalism of their international students.

On the 24th and 25th of November ALG will be holding an event for all students between 12pm – 1pm. This will also be an opportunity for our students and staff to come dressed in their traditional clothing or the colours from their country of origin.



Step 1. Post a photo on instagram wearing your heritage colours or traditional garments.
TIP: our judges love creativity!

Step 2. Make sure you tag @australianlearninggroup and hashtag #ALGHeritageDay and your campus location
(#brisbane #melbourne #perth OR #sydney)

Step 3. The most creative photo will receive a $50 voucher!

Winner will be announced on Friday, 27th November!

Fine print: Only 1 student per campus will have the opportunity to win. Whoever posts the most creative photo will win the prize!


We also want your taste in music!  Click here to submit one or more of your favourite songs to add to our ALG Playlist!
Submit your repsonses by this Friday, 20th November.

Speak to your relevant Student Services Team to find out more! We hope you’re as excited as we are 🙌





A big thank you and goodbye for now, to two of Brisbane’s absolute stars; Marcos and Dom! You will be missed greatly and we wish them all the happiness and best of luck in their future endeavours!


Teacher of the Term voting has now begun!
Come make your vote at reception and let your teachers know that you appreciate them and why. Remember, teachers will also be voting for Student of the Term so be on your best behaviour! 😊
Prizes up for grabs for both Teacher and Student of the Term!



Melbourne Campus has officially re-opened as of the 2nd November, to deliver onsite learning for hands-on (practical only), skills-based learning. Our Student Services Team are back working onsite, and if you wish to come and speak with us please give us a call on 03 8687 0648 or email melbourne@alg.edu.au to book in a time!

Before visiting the campus, please ensure you familiarise yourself with our ALG COVIDSafe Plan – Protocols for Students on Campus, and ensure you are adhering to our ALG On Campus Requirements.

Let’s work together and follow the COVID Safe Principles for a COVID free Campus!



Take a much-needed mid-term mental health break with the sun shining and even more warm weather to come, King’s Park in the heart of Perth City is perfect for a chill hangout with friends.

King’s Park is home to blooming wildflowers & and native bird species, with plenty of open grassed areas. So, pack a bag of snacks for a quiet little picnic with gorgeous views of our city and Swan River. Have that well deserved mid-term breather!

Or maybe, before it gets too hot and if you’re down south, test your stamina with a hiking adventure at Bonyowla Regional Park. This stunning nature reserve can be a bit of an intense walk, but the view from the very top is so very pretty. Connect with a little bit of nature to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city!


“Tandem, to be continued…” LAST ALG DANCE PERFORMANCE! 💃

Australian College of Dance presents their annual end of year performance, fusing a diverse collection of talent, style, genre and culture.

Please join us in our farewell to our beloved dance students as we come to the end of a beautiful chapter in their studies. This will be a night you’ll never forget as they will be showcasing their amazing talents that we would love everyone to see!

Tickets are now available!
Click here to buy a ticket and secure a place for our final dance performance!



Gentle Reminder For Students Who Are NYS for Term 1, 2 & 3!

For those of you who currently have outstanding NYS assessments from Terms 1, 2 and 3, please check that you have clicked on the tutorial booking link in the Course Progress Warning Letter, as this tutorial is mandatory.

You will be able to pay your resubmission fees, and book your attendance for the tutorial on November 20th, where you are able to discuss any queries with your trainer and resubmit your outstanding assessments by close of that day. You will be enrolled in a specific Canvas course in order to resubmit your assessments, which will be active on the tutorial day.

Please send proof of payment to your Campus’ email address once you have paid for your resubmission so we can allocate the payment to your account.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Student Services team and we will be happy to help where needed.




Did you spot an error with your learning resources?

If you see any errors or opportunities for improvement in your learning resources, click the help button in Canvas and then click on the ‘Student Course Feedback’ link. This is a place to let us know if you see spelling or grammar errors, anything that doesn’t make sense or instructions that need improving. Your feedback will be reviewed and updated regularly by ALG.



We’re well and truly underway with this term and assessment deadlines are fast approaching! Please remember to turn Canvas notifications on so that you won’t miss a thing when it comes to updates from your trainers!

If you are having any trouble with submitting your assessments or if you have any questions about how to use canvas or your Student Portal, please contact your Trainer or Student Services and we will be happy to help where we can.

Language, Literature and Numeracy Class Update!

LLN Classes will soon have all new resources free for student use, to provide you all with the means to help improve communication and academic skills in your own time on your own terms. There will be links to a number of FREE TO USE third party sites and short videos on specific skills to help you develop more in specific areas. The goal of putting this together, is for students to be able to access these resources at any time and to pick and choose which area you may need the help in, it’s all up to you!

No stress of having to attend more classes, or having to submit anything by a certain time, this is all up to how you wish to study so you can feel free to go at your own pace!



 “A huge congratulations to Daniella Papp for completing her Fitness and Sports Management courses.

You are extremely kind hearted, inquisitive, driven and a natural beauty!

You will go far with no matter what you decide to do in life but I am glad you were able to study your passion with us! It was a pleasure to work alongside you in your journey.

Thank you for being an outstanding student and a friendly face to all staff and students over the past 3 years. Good luck with everything and I’m sure we will see you at our Student Massage Clinics!”

– ALG Brisbane Team



4th January 2021 (Term 1 2021)

3rd November 2020 (Term 4 2020)

To see a breakdown of all payment due dates and other important dates please click the link below.


Step 1: Visit the Student Portal at alg.edu.au/studentportal using your computer or mobile internet browser (e.g Safari, Chrome)

Step 2: Go to the payments tab and choose the current invoice

Step 3: Select either the Miscellaneous Fees OR Tuition Fee tab to see your due fees

Step 4: Click the $ sign on the right of the invoice to proceed to the payment page

For other ways to make payment please contact your campus Student Services Team.